Sometimes There Are No Words...

I wish I had some deep, inspiring statement that would help all the people who have lost so much in yet another natural disaster. My family lost our precious summer home in Super Storm Sandy. It wasn't big or fancy, but it was ours. It was something my grandparents worked hard for and sacrificed to give to us.

Six years later it still reduces me to tears to look at photos that were splashed all over the TV, print media and Internet like the one below.

It wasn't just a house. It was a repository of memories, holidays, friendships, family bonds... love.

So when people will say to those dealing with Hurricane Florence, "I can't imagine what you're going through," unfortunately I can say I do know. But I don't have any wisdom. Only pain and anger at the randomness and unfairness of being handed a challenge that seemed impossible to survive.

The only thing I can offer is the fact that you do find a way to go on. And maybe learn to appreciate what you have and had.

So once again, we will come together, offer our hands and hearts to victims of yet another cruel demonstration of nature's fury. And rebuild... homes and lives.

We must also remember the heroes who always emerge from these disasters. So I will keep my comments brief this week and let the article below speak for itself. It's important to be reminded of the goodness that exists in the world.

Please read it and do what you can. We're in this life together. Too bad it takes such loss and misery for us to remember that.

We can't stop the rain, but we can help and pray for the people who are/were in the path of the storm.

Your thoughts?


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